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When Legal Software Systems, Inc. ("LSS") was founded in 1984, we were among a handful of companies developing integrated software designed specifically for law firms.  By staying true to our philosophy of offering unprecedented service and innovative technology, LSS continues to be a leader in this now highly competitive industry.

Specializing in the development and support of our integrated Law Office Management System remains our unwavering goal.  Our systems are flexible, powerful and efficient enough to manage the needs of nearly any law firm.  And our company continues to provide the highest level of service and support available anywhere.

Comprehensive Software that Works
Everything a law firm needs in management software is available from LSS.  From stand-alone applications to fully-integrated enterprise systems, LSS offers flexible, scalable solutions, tailored to fit the requirements and budget of nearly any law firm.  Take comfort in the fact that thousands of users across the country depend on LSS for all their legal management software needs.

Service that's the Envy of the Industry
All services are provided directly from LSS - by project managers and software technicians with decades of experience.  With LSS, you can rest assured that your system will be implemented properly, professionally and efficiently.

Technology with a Purpose
LSS does not require a database administrator or knowledge of SQL query languages.  The features, functions and reports you need are already built in.  Should an issue ever arise, a simple telephone call will connect you directly to someone who will provide the assistance you need.

Unlimited Support
We stand behind our software with service agreements that provide for unlimited operational support.  Those who have designed and developed the software are available and willing to speak with you.  Over 99 percent of all support calls are resolved within minutes of the initial request.  LSS simply provides the best support anywhere.

Continued Product Innovation
LSS produces new and improved versions of its software annually and continues to set new standards in law office automation.  Our system is a leader in the industry, and as a result of our annual upgrades, becomes even more valuable to your firm over time.

Proven Experience
LSS has been working exclusively with law firms since 1984.  From sole practitioners to firms with 100 or more attorneys, LSS has helped firms of all sizes and types of practice.  With LSS, every client has direct access to people with the experience, skills and knowledge to help with any project or question. 

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