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To function as efficiently as possible, law firms need to utilize technology that addresses all of their unique requirements.  Off-the-shelf software will often suffice.  But when special needs arise, LSS can help by delivering customized solutions.  No project is too big or too small.

Below are just a few examples of how LSS partners with clients to help them become more efficient, more profitable, and maintain their competitive advantage.

Special Electronic Billing Formats
A small law firm was representing a client that suddenly required invoices to be submitted in a special electronic format.  Unfortunately, this client had some unique requirements, and the format they needed didn't conform to any of the current industry standards.  The law firm contacted LSS for a solution.  LSS delivered a custom ebilling format and the law firm was able to meet their client's unique ebilling requirements during the very next billing cycle.

Compensation Reports
newly appointed managing partner  wanted to implement a very unique compensation system.  It was based on a set of complex calculations that factored in billing and collection data, allocated by attorney classification, with special exceptions for no-charges, write-offs and contingency cases.  LSS provided a compensation report that performs all of their calculations and presents both summary and detail figures with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Departmental Allocation of Certain Variable Monthly Expenses
A mid-size law firm, with multiple practice groups, needed to allocate a select group of variable monthly expenses among all of their departments, based on fixed percentages for each.  Even with the aid of spreadsheets, hours of manual data entry was required each month to perform all of the necessary calculations.  The firm contacted LSS to produce a custom G/L posting function that would perform this task automatically.  With the aid of LSS, the law firm is now able to allocate all of their monthly expenses in a matter of seconds.

Bar Code Labels
A law firm implementing the LSS file control module was pleased that the software could print bar code labels when files were being opened.  But the format was substantially different than what they had used in previous years.  To maintain consistency with the older files, LSS provided a custom format that matched their older labels almost exactly. 

Custom Electronic Intake Forms
A mid-size law firm implemented LSS Workflow Management to reduce paperwork and streamline their client/matter intake process.  The firm had previously used printed forms that hadn't changed in nearly a decade.  Furthermore, some of the forms tracked information not utilized by any case management system.  LSS developed a custom set of on-line forms that look nearly identical to their old paper-based forms, which are linked electronically to the master intake form in Workflow.

Local Tax Calculations
LSS clients in several communities have local tax regulations that are unique to the areas in which they do business.  From local usage taxes based on a percentage of payments made to certain vendors, to revenue taxes based on the county in which work was actually performed.  LSS has developed custom calculations and g/l integration functions to handle these special tax requirements automatically and effortlessly.

LSS Delivers Peace of Mind
Our clients know that if they ever need something special from the software, LSS is willing and able to help. 

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