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LSS Workflow - Client / Matter Intake

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Paperless client/matter intake forms designed specifically for law firms.  Information is entered on-line and sent electronically to attorneys for approval, to accounting for import into billing, and to the records department for file creation and automatic label printing.  Nothing ever needs to be entered twice.

Paperless Processing
Since everything is entered on-line, the entire client/matter intake process is totally paperless.  And all completed intake forms are filed electronically within the Case Management system for easy future reference.

Status Tracking
Unlike paper-based forms that are sometimes difficult to locate, the status tracking feature of LSS Workflow means that you will always know exactly where your form is at any time.

Custom Routing
Even though most law firms have similar intake processes, individual firms do have their own unique approval and acceptance policies.  Firm-defined routing options in LSS Workflow let you easily customize how forms travel from one user to the next.

No Duplicate Data Entry
Everything on the form is imported directly into billing, conflicts and case management without any additional data entry.  The system can even print bar code file labels from the information contained on the form.

Intuitive Interface
Because the forms are on-line, users can select items such as departments, client types and referral sources from convenient drop-downs.  And the forms are dynamic, so when you add a new attorney or department code, the dropdowns are updated automatically.

Fast and Efficient
With on-line forms and electronic processing, form delivery is instant.  Whether you're sending a form to an attorney to approve conflicts, or to accounting to establish a new account in the billing system, the form will arrive within seconds.

More Information
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