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Integrated Management Software for Law Firms

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By combining all the essential law firm management functions into one seamlessly integrated system, the LSS Law Office Management System places a wealth of information right at your fingertips.  The entire system is designed as a single application sharing a common database, so everything works together perfectly.

With flexible licensing and configuration options, you can purchase and use just the  components you need.  Start with one piece of the system and add others later as needed, or implement the entire system all at once and benefit even more.  The choice is yours.  Contact us to discuss a solution that's right for you.

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Financial Management
The LSS Law Office Management System helps law firms efficiently and effectively manage their time and finances.  Because it's designed specifically for the unique financial requirements of the legal industry, you can always count on the system for useful, accurate and timely information.  more >>

            -  Time Accounting & Billing
            -  Electronic Billing
            -  Trust Accounting
            -  General Ledger
            -  Accounts Payable
            -  Budgeting
            -  Management Reporting
            -  Payroll
            -  Attendance

Case Management
No law office system would be complete without Case Management.  With just one or two clicks of the mouse, LSS enables users to access virtually anything related to a client or matter.  Information from productivity and profitability statistics, to calendars and mailing lists, are all accessible from one central location.
more >>

            -  Time Sheets
            -  Rules-based Calendar
            -  Conflict of Interest
            -  Contact Management
            -  Case Notes
            -  Mailing Lists
            -  Records Management
            -  Outlook Integration

Integrated Management Software for Law Firms
Workflow Management
LSS takes financial and case management one step further by automating entire firm processes.  Workflow Management automates client/matter intake, conflict checking and accounts payable check requests in a way you’ve never seen before.  Because Workflow Management performs required functions based on previously entered information, nothing ever needs to be entered more than once.  more >>

            -  Paperless Client/Matter Intake
            -  Paperless Check Requests
            -  Intelligent Conflict Checking
            -  Preemptive Conflict Checking
            -  Custom Routing
            -  Event Notification via E-mail

Document Management
To achieve the paperless law office, a full-featured document management system is essential.  LSS Document Management allows attorneys and staff to efficiently manage, store, organize and access client related files.  Documents, email, PDFs, spreadsheets, images and presentations are just a few of the file types you can manage with LSS Docs.  more >>

            -  Document Profiles
            -  Full-text Indexing
            -  Version Control
            -  Document Auditing
            -  Outlook E-mail Integration

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