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Billing and Bookkeeping Services

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Using our very own Law Office Management System software, LSS can provide efficient and affordable billing and bookkeeping services to law firms located anywhere in the United States.

Service Options
The service options from LSS are based on your specific needs.  If you want to enter your own timesheets, and just need us to process client payments and bills, we can do that.  If you need us to do more, including timesheet entry, balancing the checkbook, and producing financial statements, we can do that also.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

To provide a valuable billing and bookkeeping service to customers, our staff needs to work efficiently.  So we use our very own Law Office Management System.  Not only do we develop, sell, and implement this software in small- to mid-size law firms for their own business use, but we also use it to run our entire billing and bookkeeping service department.  No other system allows us to operate more efficiently.

Access to Information
A unique feature of the LSS Billing and Bookkeeping service, is that we can give you access to your information via the Internet.  Nearly any time of day or night, you can log into our system and look up client account balances, view timesheet history, or check on trust accounts.  After all, it is your data.

Service Locations
All billing and bookkeeping services are handled centrally from our offices in Eugene, OR.  With the aid of technology, LSS is able to provide this service to law firms located anywhere in the United States.  Prebills, billing statements and any other report can be transmitted instantly as PDF files via email.  And, customers can log into their systems remotely to access information whenever they need.


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