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Electronic Data Conversion

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The potential value of any new software is greatly determined by the ability to convert data from the system being replaced.  With any data conversion, timing and accuracy is critical.  LSS will ensure that your data is converted successfully and on time.

The first step in any LSS data conversion is to develop a plan.  Programmers and project managers will analyze the data from your existing system, and map out a plan for converting everything to the new system.

Exceptions and Changes
Your existing database may contain certain information you would like to change, or things you would like to exclude or consolidate.  The ideal time for making these types of changes is during a mass data conversion.  LSS can program special rules and exceptions to help optimize the usefulness of the information that gets imported into your new system.

Schedule and Timing
30 to 60 days before your scheduled implementation date, LSS will perform a test conversion from a backup of your existing system.  This gives your firm ample time to work with the system and receive training (using real data) before actually "going live".

For the actual implementation and conversion, system downtime is usually limited to just one or two business days - and sometimes even less.

LSS will balance all accounting detail to the penny.  System audit and control reports will be generated as proof of a successful conversion.

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