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Network and Application Hosting for Law Firms

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With an LSS Network and Application Hosting subscription, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  Professionally managed servers located at our facility are configured with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Exchange, the entire LSS Law Office Management System, and other popular applications used by law firms.  Via the Internet, everyone in your firm can access these servers to run applications, share documents and manage cases.  Just log in and start becoming more productive right away.

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No Up-Front Costs
You don't need to purchase servers, networks, operating systems or applications. LSS provides access to the network, supplies the applications, and manages everything for you.  A monthly per-user subscription fee is all you pay.

No Long-Term Commitment
You can modify your subscription from month to month, or cancel it at any time.
If your firm needs to add a few users on a temporary basis, they can be added one month and removed the next.  If for any reason your firm decides that an LSS hosted solution isn't the right solution, the entire service can be cancelled without penalty.

Integrated Management Software
Multi-user access to the LSS Law Office Management System is included in the service.  Time and Billing, Bookkeeping, Case Management, Document Management and Workflow. 
The entire system is designed as a single application sharing a common database, so everything works together perfectly.

Office Productivity Software
LSS provides hosting options for popular Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook and Exchange.  LSS installs, configures and maintains the applications on hosted servers for you.  Everything is included in the monthly subscription.  Just log in and start becoming more productive right away.

30-Day Free Trial
Contact us to schedule a personal on-line demonstration and receive a free, no obligation, 30-day trial hosting subscription.  

Network and Application Hosting for Law Firms

Servers and Network
LSS hosts all applications on servers located at our facility, which customers then access from their own computers (including Mac's) via the Internet.  LSS provides the server, network operating system, applications, software installation, system upgrades, backups and ongoing maintenance.

Data Protection
Data gets backed up every weeknight to removable media and saved for three weeks before being overwritten.  Two of the fifteen backup sets remain on-site (the oldest and the newest), while the rest are stored at an off-site location.  For added protection, LSS creates additional monthly backups which are shipped to your office - for you to keep as long as you want.

The staff at LSS includes on-site network administrators, application specialists, full-cycle bookkeepers, and the programmers who developed the LSS Law Office Management System.  They all work together to ensure the network and applications are always running their best.

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