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Software maintenance agreements provide LSS clients with unlimited operational support.  Over 99% of all support requests are resolved within minutes, by a real person, during the very first call. 

Operational Support
All customer support is provided by qualified and experienced staff located at our offices in Eugene, OR.  Clients can call with any operational support question, and they can call as often as they want.  LSS is committed to providing prompt, professional and courteous assistance that you can depend on.

Convenient Access
When calling LSS, you won't be routed through an automated phone system and you won't be asked for a customer number.  You can also receive prompt assistance by fax, email or on-line chat.  The choice is yours.

Knowledge and Experience
The support staff at LSS knows law firms and legal management software better than anyone.  Each member of the LSS support team has, on average, nearly 20 years experience using and supporting the LSS software in law firms just like yours.

Immediate Assistance
Nearly every call is answered immediately.  And over 99% of all support calls can be handled by the first person you speak with.  There is never a problem getting through to someone who can actually help - no matter what the question or problem.

Emergency Contact
In the event of an after-hours emergency, the administrator of your firm can contact LSS using the emergency contact cell phone number or e-mail address provided by LSS.  You can rest assured that someone is always available to help in an emergency - including weekends and holidays.

After-Hours Help
Installing a new release or upgrading your network over the weekend?  Call LSS ahead of time and schedule a dedicated support representative to be on-call for any assistance that might be needed.

Developer Access
Top-level developers are always available to speak with you.  Whether you have a request for a program enhancement or want to discuss a special project unique to your firm, developers are always ready to help.

Service Packs
If something isn't working correctly, our first priority is to resolve the problem.  Any possibility of a programming error is immediately escalated to the highest level.  Programming errors, although rare, are almost always resolved the same day, and often times a program fix can be delivered within minutes of our notification.

Client Services Website
LSS maintains a special client services website where customers can access product documentation, newsletters, administrator reports, operational tips, insider news, technical information and software downloads.  It's there for added convenience, but customers are never forced to use it - they can call us directly for personal assistance any time they want.

Technical and Operational Consulting
Questions unrelated to LSS?  Whether it's a question regarding office procedures, bookkeeping, operating systems, networking issues, antivirus software, word processing, or fixing a problem on a home computer - LSS is available to help.  And we're often easier to reach than your other vendors.

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