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Accounts Payable Software for Law Firms

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LSS Accounts Payable software includes A/P scheduling, check writing, cash requirements reporting, client trust accounting, duplicate invoice checking, paperless invoice management, and 1099 reporting. 

Accounts payable is fully integrated with time and billing, trust accounting, general ledger, check reconciliation and workflow.  Everything gets entered only once - vendor information, invoice detail, client/matter numbers, etc.  Accounts payable can issue credit balance refund checks, trust disbursement checks, client expense checks and more.   Billing information appears in time accounting automatically.  Electronic check requests processed through workflow management are automatically imported to accounts payable without retyping any information.

Paperless Invoice Management
In much the same way that you can attach files to an email, LSS allows you to attach files to any workflow check request or accounts payable transaction.  If you scan a vendor invoice to a file on your Windows desktop, you can attach that image directly to the check request or accounts payable entry.  Virtually every type of electronic file format is supported - PDF, Excel, Word and more.

Attached files are automatically linked to their respective vendor, invoice number, check number, and even to unbilled client expense records.  This means that you can instantly access the image of an original invoice - right on your screen.

And since the attached files are linked to unbilled client expense transactions, LSS can print all the invoices associated with items being billed to a particular case.  From one request screen, the system will automatically print all files that are attached to expenses currently being billed for a select group of clients and matters. 

LSS provides a complete accounts payable reporting system including on-screen preview and electronic report archiving.  All reports are part of the system - there are no queries to write.  LSS reports are flexible - with plenty of formatting, selection and sort options available.  Users have instant access to cash requirement reports, vendor histories, invoice detail, 1099 audit reports, and 1099's themselves.

Accounts Payable Software for Law Firms

With LSS, firms can issue checks from multiple checking accounts, manage payables for multiple offices, print checks on-demand or by batch, and select from a wide range of other check printing options.  Invoices can be entered with a future payment date so that firms can better manage cash flow using flexible cash requirement reporting features.  Vendors can be assigned default account descriptions, account number distributions and payment amounts - up to 99 defaults per vendor.  And recurring payments can be defined so that regularly scheduled payments are only entered once.

LSS includes sophisticated and flexible security options so that only authorized users may use the accounts payable system.  The system maintains a detailed history of every transaction in order to produce clear and concise audit reports.  For additional control, every report is archived electronically and accessible on-line for future reference.  Entry screens warn against payment of duplicate invoice numbers.  There are even control reports that reconcile information in accounts payable to client balances in time accounting and account balances in general ledger.

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