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Budgeting Software for Law Firms

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LSS allows you to easily maintain budgets for general ledger accounts, timekeeper productivity statistics, matter billings and categories of time worked.  Just enter your budget information and LSS will automatically provide reports and on-screen inquires comparing actual performance to budgets and benchmarks.

General Ledger
Create monthly budgets by account, department, office and suffix.  Income statements and on-screen inquiries show actual, budget and variance amounts.  You can even work on next year's budget before closing the current year. 

Timekeeper Productivity
Create monthly budgets for timekeeper hours worked, fees billed and fees collected.  Budget for responsible and contact attorney fees billed and collected.  Reports and on-screen inquiries show budget and actual amounts, as well as daily time timesheet requirements to meet specified targets.

Matter Billings
For any matter, you can enter and maintain budgets by phase code for fees, costs and expenses.  Budget recaps for phase codes can then be printed on billing statements and budget analysis reports.

Budgeting Software for Law Firms

Task-based Time Worked
Budget total hours and value worked for any matter by individual task and activity code.  Management reports keep you informed of the progress and status of any budgeted case.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for  information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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