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Case Notes Software for Law Firms

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LSS Case Notes software lets you manage important case information and share it with others in your firm.  Case Notes are indexed, searchable, and have flexible on-screen display and reporting options.  And it's are fully integrated with other LSS case management and billing functions. 

Case Note Categories
Create and organize case notes by firm-defined categories.  Manage notes for collections, case strategies, marketing efforts, or for any other purpose of your choosing.

Collections Integration
Streamline collections efforts by selecting certain types of case notes to be included on A/R aging reports and prebills.

Index and Search Capabilities
All case notes are automatically indexed by client number, matter number, date, timekeeper, category and type - resulting in faster easier searches.

Text Expansion Codes
Enter commonly used text quickly and easily with the aid of shorthand text expansion codes.  User-defined codes automatically expand into larger blocks of text - without the need to press special buttons or function keys.  Just type naturally and the system transforms your text on-screen and in real-time. 


LSS Case Note Features:

     -  Integration with case management
     -  Integration with billing / accounting
     -  Firm-defined case note categories
     -  Firm-defined text expansion codes
     -  User-defined text expansion overrides
     -  Collections integration
     -  Unlimited capacity
     -  Easy to use search capabilities
     -  Flexible reporting

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>

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