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Stand-Alone Conflict of Interest Software for Law Firms

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The LSS Stand-Alone Conflict of Interest software is a full-featured conflict of interest system that is amazingly easy to use.  If your office needs a simple yet powerful conflict of interest system, and doesn't want to replace their existing billing software with an integrated solution, this system is right for you.

SEE A DEMO NOW:  View our demonstration video on YouTube.  Or, for a more in-depth analysis, contact LSS to schedule a live on-line meeting.

Download a Free Trial System

This stand-alone Conflict of Interest system is based on the same technology built into our fully-integrated Law Office Management System.  It's a powerful system with a streamlined interface designed specifically for the small law office.  So it's the perfect solution for those who want exceptional ease-of-use without sacrificing functionality.  Download a free 30-day trial version and see for yourself.  Network versions are also available for simultaneous access by multiple users.  download page >>

Live Support

If you have any questions or require any assistance, be sure to utilize our world-class support services.

- By phone, fax, email and on-line web chat
- Always available during regular business hours
- Helpful and experienced staff
- Prompt and professional assistance
- Free support during trial period
- Free support for 30-days after purchase

Key Features

- Searches that are simple, fast, flexible and accurate
- Phonetic (sounds-like) search options
- Full text phrase search options
- Intuitive interface with no queries to write or no Boolean logic to learn
- Link parties to multiple clients and matters
- Virtually unlimited capacity
- Clear, concise, one-click reporting
- Built-in security options
- Simple, easy to use interface
- Reliable (based on technology tested over 20 years)
- Available in single-user and multi-user versions
- Live support during regular business hours!

Pricing and Purchase Information

The license fee is $299 for the single-user version or $499 for the multi-user version.  Both versions are network enabled, can be installed on a network server, and can be used from any workstation.

To purchase: 
   - Download and install the software
   - Start the program and select "Order Now".
   - Follow the instructions provided on the screen. 

Technical Information:

- Operates with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
- Network enabled for Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server

More Information

Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>

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