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Contact Management Software for Law Firms

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LSS Contact Management maintains all of your contact information in a single shared database.  Because it's integrated, all of your clients and matters are automatically included.  Add as many additional contact names as you need, and link them to any other client or matter.  Names and addresses are maintained in one central location.

Search Capabilities
Search by name or part of name, contact type, attorney, client or matter.  Select a name and see all linked parties.  Whether you maintain five thousand names or five million names, results are always instant.

Outlook Integration
LSS client, matter, vendor, and other case related contact information is integrated directly with Microsoft Outlook.  Integration is automatic and real-time.  Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email address and more are all included. 

Conflict Integration
Names entered into LSS Contact Management are automatically included in conflict searches - further eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>


LSS Contact Management Features:

     -  Central database for all contacts
     -  Outlook integration
     -  Client, matter integration
     -  Conflict integration
     -  Mass mailing integration
     -  Link contacts to cases
     -  Categorize by contact types
     -  Fast, easy-to-use, search functions
     -  Virtually unlimited capacity
     -  Flexible reporting

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