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Electronic Billing Software for Law Firms

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With LSS, generating an electronic bill is as simple as printing a regular statement.  A couple clicks of the mouse is all it takes to create an electronic bill in just about any format. 

Comprehensive Solution
There is no additional software to purchase, download or install.  And you don't have to design special "templates".  Everything is already included in the standard LSS Law Office Management System.  And if a client ever requires a format that isn't already part of the standard system, LSS will add it - free of charge.

Electronic Billing History
The system also keeps final copies of your electronic bills.  If you ever need a copy of a previous e-bill, just go to the LSS Case Management screen and retrieve it from the client billing history.

Electronic Formats
LSS supports PDF, LEDES, Tymetrix, Litigation Advisor, U.S. Trustee, and dozens of others - including proprietary company specific variants.  If you ever require a format that isn't already part of the standard system, LSS will add it at no additional charge.


LSS Electronic Billing Features:

     -  Time entry with task and activity codes
     -  UTBMS compliant
     -  Firm-defined phase, task and activity
     -  Client-level phase, task and activity
        code overrides
     -  Budgeting by phase and task code
     -  Simple e-bill generation
     -  Automatic e-bill archiving

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Billing and Financial Management features.  more >>

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