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Records Management Software for Law Firms

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LSS Records Management software tracks file locations, closed file numbers, file status information, destroy dates, review dates, and other important records management data.  It can be barcode controlled, and it maintains detailed history and audit trails of every transaction.  LSS Records Management is workflow enabled and fully integrated with LSS Time and Billing.

From the moment a client or matter is entered in LSS Time and Billing, that case is available for records management functions.  Case management screens allow users to access file information along with everything else needed to efficiently manage any case.  On-line client/matter intake forms from Workflow Management further automate the process of printing file labels and maintaining records information without duplicating data entry.

You decide who is allowed to make changes, who can just look, and who is locked out completely.  Predefined security levels make it easy to secure the system just the way you want.

Ease of Use
The key to a successful records management system is to ensure that information is current and accurate.  The simple check-in / check-out screens allow users to quickly and easily update system information.  A quick scan of a bar code, or couple of keystrokes, is all it takes. 

Search Capabilities
LSS Records Management software includes powerful built-in search functions.  The optimized database allows users to search and sort on virtually anything, while providing instant results.  Client number, matter number, sub-matter number, status code, room number, timekeeper, closed file location, active vs. inactive, responsible attorney, open dates, closed dates, as well as full text searches of file notes and destruction notes.  Just type what you want in the fields provided and LSS finds what you're looking for.

With detailed history tracking and audit trails, you can follow every change that was ever made to a file.  Every transaction is recorded, along with date / time stamps, user name, and workstation id. 

Perform any search, and with two clicks of a mouse or keyboard, your results are instantly placed in a report with all the information you need – including full-detail history of each file if you choose.  One more click, and the report is opened in Microsoft Word so you can save, publish to PDF, or email to a colleague.  LSS also prints file labels and bar code labels.


Track everything under a general matter file, or track up to 99,999 individual sub-files for every case.  Every matter and sub-file can include any of the following information:

     -  User-defined status codes
     -  User-defined file rooms
     -  Closed location and/or file number
     -  Person who checked out the file
     -  Responsible attorney
     -  Open date
     -  Close date
     -  Date of last change
     -  Destruction review date
     -  Destruction date
     -  Timekeeper who authorized
     -  Extensive file notes

     ...and everything is fully searchable

No two law firms are identical in every way.  And no turn-key software can effectively do everything that any firm could ask.  Let LSS help you with any type of custom solution you need, like custom labels or bar coding solutions.  We’ll make sure that our records management system is the most efficient system for your firm.

RFID Technology
Are you interested in integrating the latest RFID technology into your records management solution?  If so, please contact LSS at 1-800-331-4122 for more information.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>

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