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Financial Reporting Software for Law Firms

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LSS generates up-to-the-minute financial reports at any time.  Because Time and Billing, General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Payroll are all fully-integrated, your financial reports will always be current.  A couple clicks of the mouse is all it takes to produce any report.

LSS includes a truly comprehensive set of financial reports so you don't have to design your own. 
And each report already includes literally dozens of of selection, sort, and formatting options.  Reports can be printed to paper, generated electronically, displayed on-screen, emailed to another user, or formatted for other popular applications like Word or Excel. 

With LSS, you don't need to write your own queries.  The reports that law firms need are already built into the system.  With just one or two mouse clicks, you have access to all your financial information.  The system can even be configured to generate and deliver reports automatically, based on your own user-defined schedule.

Financial Inquiries
On-screen "dashboard" inquiries provide instant access to a wide range of financial information about clients, matters, attorneys, vendors, invoices, checking accounts, and more.  Everything from summary statistics to full accounting detail is available with the click of a button. 

Customized Reporting
You won't ever be forced into writing your own complicated queries or reports.  LSS will provide custom reporting solutions for any special requirement, and all custom reports are fully-supported in future system updates. 
For those firms that want to develop custom reports on their own; LSS financial data can be accessed via most ODBC compliant applications like Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and others.

Auditing and Control
LSS provides important self-auditing features not found in other systems.   Built-in audit controls will confirm that client information from Time Accounting always agrees with account balances in General Ledger.  LSS eliminates the process of manually balancing accounting with billing each month.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

Paperless Invoice Management
In much the same way that you can attach files to an email, LSS allows you to attach files to any workflow check request or accounts payable transaction.  If you scan a vendor invoice to a file on your Windows desktop, you can attach that image directly to the check request or accounts payable entry.  Virtually every type of electronic file format is supported - PDF, Excel, Word and more.

Attached files are automatically linked to their respective vendor, invoice number, check number, and even to unbilled client expense records.  This means that you can instantly access the image of an original invoice - right on your screen.

And since the attached files are linked to unbilled client expense transactions, LSS can print all the invoices associated with items being billed to a particular case.  From one request screen, the system will automatically print all files that are attached to expenses currently being billed for a select group of clients and matters. 

LSS Financial Reporting Features:

     -  Real-time Reporting
     -  Cash, Modified Cash or Accrual
     -  Reporting by Account, Office,
         Department and/or Individual
     -  Trial Balance (two versions -
         Consolidated and Detail)
     -  Balance Sheet (two versions - General
         and Detail)
     -  Monthly and Yearly Income Statement
         (six versions)
     -  Individual Partner Income Statement
     -  Budgeting by Account, Office,
         Department and/or Individual
     -  Cash Requirements Reporting
     -  Historical Analysis (maintain up to 99
         years of transaction detail)
     -  Statement of Partner Equity
     -  Source and Use of Funds
     -  Auditing and Automatic Reconciliation
         with Client Balances
     -  Daily Operating Control

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