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Math of Finance Software for Law Firms

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With LSS Math of Finance software, it's easy to generate amortization schedules and maintain loan balances with payment history.  LSS Math of Finance will calculate regular payment amounts, interest rates, principal amounts or number of payments.  There are no complicated spreadsheet formulas to learn.  Just fill in the blanks and get fast, accurate results.

Amortization Schedules
Print entire amortization schedules with one click of the mouse.  Schedules include running principal balance, amount of each payment applied to principle and interest, and a running total of principal and interest paid.  LSS Math of Finance will even calculate and report unpaid interest carried forward whenever a payment isn't enough to cover interest.

Irregular Payments
Every amortization schedule has room to include up to eight irregular payments, like a balloon payment or extra payments. 

Calculation Methods
Amortization schedules can be calculated using either "approximate" or "exact" methods.  Many programs use only the approximate calculation - where each month is considered to have 30 days.  The exact method uses the actual number of calendar days between payments.  With LSS Math of Finance software, the choice is yours.

 Math of Finance Software for Law Firms

Loan Tracking
If you need to track a loan, using the dates and amounts of actual payments received, LSS Math of Finance lets you maintain and track detailed loan activity.  Enter the terms of the loan and the dates and amounts of individual payments as they are received, and LSS generates new amortizations based on the actual payments applied.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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