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Mass Mailing Software for Law Firms

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LSS Mass Mailing software provides an easy way to maintain and organize mailing lists of firm clients, matters and other contacts.  With LSS, itís simple to organize mailing lists for marketing purposes, client notifications, invitations, newsletters, or broadcast emails.  Select a client or contact and simply add it to one or more of your firm-defined mailing groups.  Automate labels and word processing mail merge functions to streamline all of your mailing needs.

Mass mailing is integrated with LSS Contact Management and Time and Billing, so that names and addresses are entered only once.  Any single client, matter or contact can belong to as many as fifteen different mailing lists.  And with LSS Workflow, new mailing names and addresses can be imported directly from on-line client/matter intake forms.

With LSS Mass Mailing, you can specify alternate names or addresses.  For example, the client name is "Smith, Judy and John", but you want to send two birthday cards - one to John and one to Judy.  The client can be included in the birthday list twice, once using Judy as the alternate name and once using John.  If no alternate address is provided, the system will use the original client address.  You can also add other names to the database that are neither a client or a contact.

Locate and display addressees by searching any combination of name, mailing type, timekeeper, title, city, state, zip code, client, matter or mailing status.  With one click of the mouse, you can then print a mailing list or export to a word processing merge file for automatic forms generation, label printing or broadcast emails.  LSS Mass Mailing saves time by consolidating mailing lists and maintaining names and addresses in a single integrated system. 

Mass Mailing Software for Law Firms

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