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Management Reporting Software for Law Firms

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LSS will generate up-to-the-minute management reports at any time.  Because the system is fully-integrated, your management reports will always be current.  It only takes a couple of clicks to generate a Timekeeper Productivity Report, Billing Analysis by Department, a ranking of collections for your top 50 clients, or any other report.  You donít need to write complicated queries or hassle with a report writer. 

Management information is delivered on-demand, in real-time, and in a variety of formats.  On-screen inquiries provide instant access to a wide range of financial information about clients, matters, attorneys, cost codes, and more.  Everything from summary statistics to full accounting detail is available with the click of a button.  Reports can be printed to paper, archived electronically, displayed on-screen, emailed to another user, or formatted for other popular applications like Word or Excel.

Virtually Unlimited Capacity
LSS maintains complete transactional history - indefinitely.  Your management data is available at all times.  Time sheets, cost records, billing history, collection history, and even archives of previously generated reports. 

Flexible Management Analysis
Management information can be reported and analyzed in a variety of ways - by Timekeeper, Client, Matter, Contact Attorney, Responsible Attorney, Office, Area of Law, Industry Type, Referral Source, Zip Code, and others.  Multiple categories can be analyzed simultaneously.  For example, billings by referral source within each area of law, or write-offs by timekeeper within each responsible attorney.

Automatic Recurring Reports
All of your month-end and year-end reports can be pre-selected in advance.  At month-end, you simply press one button and all of your reports are generated automatically.  At year-end, all of your monthly reports are automatically generated, plus any additional reports you pre-selected for the end of the year.  With LSS, end of month reporting couldn't be easier.

Get the information you need, in the format you want, with minimal time and effort.  If you ever have a management reporting need that isn't already met by the standard system, LSS can develop any additional report.  LSS will make sure that every report is no more than just a few mouse clicks away.  And for firms that wish to develop their own custom reports, all of the LSS management data can be accessed via ODBC compliant applications like Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and others.

Management Reporting Software for Law Firms

LSS Management Reporting Features:

     -  Hundreds of predefined reports, each
         with dozens of user-selected options
     -  Drill down analysis for any reporting
     -  Marketing Analysis Reports to rank
     -  Split contact attorney and responsible
         attorney reporting
     -  Contingency and non-billable reporting
     -  Reporting by month, year, or any other
         selected date range
     -  Automatic month / year-end reporting
     -  Virtually unlimited storage capacity
         (save historical detail indefinitely)
     -  Custom report writing services
     -  and MANY other options ...

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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