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Outlook Integration for Law Firms

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Many of the LSS Case Management functions can be configured to integrate with Microsoft Outlook.  This includes calendar events, contacts, as well as workflow email notifications.  Whenever any of these items are added or updated in LSS, they are automatically interfaced to Microsoft Outlook. 

Outlook Calendar Integration
Everything entered in the LSS Calendar will automatically appear in the Outlook calendars for each respective timekeeper.  With LSS, you get the best of both worlds.  A powerful, reliable and centralized rules-based calendaring system, plus the ability to view information in the familiar format of Outlook.  more >>

Workflow Email Integration
With LSS Workflow Management, the entire client/matter intake process is performed through on-line forms.  The on-line form travels throughout your office in a predefined path, stopping wherever necessary to gather additional information.  Conflicts are checked automatically, reports are attached electronically, approval signatures are obtained, clients are set up in billing, file labels are printed, and so on.  All from a single on-line form.  Nothing ever needs to be retyped - anywhere!  And the system will automatically notify you by email whenever a workflow form requires your attention.  more >>

 Outlook Integration for Law Firms

Outlook Contact Integration
Contact information entered in LSS automatically appears in Outlook - names, addresses, billing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and more.  Clients, matters, vendors and related parties can all be included.  Enter contact information in once place and it automatically appears in billing, case management, general ledger and Outlook.  more >>

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>

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