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Payroll Software for Law Firms

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LSS Payroll software includes check printing, direct deposit, vacation and sick leave accruals, multiple 401K and cafeteria plans, auto check reversal capability, historical reporting and integration with LSS General Ledger and Attendance components. 

No financial management system is complete without payroll.  LSS includes a full-featured payroll system that is tightly integrated with general ledger and time attendance.  Print payroll checks, do a direct deposit, and the system automatically posts all of the appropriate entries to general ledger.

LSS handles vacation and sick leave accruals, multiple 401K / cafeteria plans, and up to 99 optional firm-defined deduction categories.  LSS can calculate withholdings of deductions based on either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage basis.

Ease of Use
If a mistake is ever made, reversing a payroll cycle is simple. Using the payroll "auto reverse" function, the system will automatically and instantly undo the last payroll for any employee. Combine this with the "auto check void" in general ledger and it takes only seconds to correct just about any mistake.

Payroll Software for Law Firms

LSS Payroll includes full payroll register reporting, historical detail reporting, as well as end-of-year W2's.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for  information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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