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Time and Billing Software for Law Firms

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LSS Time and Billing software is designed for law firms that need a powerful and flexible system that is easy to use and manage.  Time tracking, task-based billing, electronic billing, budgeting, flexible rate structures, and the most comprehensive reporting package available anywhere.  Plus, full integration with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Case Management, and Workflow components.


LSS Time and Billing software is the result of over twenty years of ongoing development - based on requirements and suggestions from thousands of administrators, bookkeepers, attorneys and staff.  LSS developers work closely with clients to deliver valuable features that make a real difference in firm productivity.

Everything about the LSS Time and Billing module is designed to make law firms more productive.  The software is extremely efficient, with advanced functionality to automate more tasks, in a format that is easy to use.

LSS Time and Billing Features:

     -  User-friendly time sheet entry with
         multiple timers and text expansion
     -  Task-based time entry and billing
     -  Simple, yet powerful name search and
         matter lookup features
     -  Unlimited rate structures with effective
         dates and history
     -  Support for virtually any type of
         electronic billing format
     -  Flexible statement formatting
     -  Flexible payment application methods
     -  Split billing, copy billing
     -  Comprehensive client, timekeeper, and
         business analysis reporting
     -  Budgeting by timekeeper, matter,
         phase, task and more
     -  Trust accounting
     -  Auto reverse capability for billings,
         payments and adjustments
     -  Virtually unlimited capacity
     -  Rock solid reliability
     -  Clear and concise audit trails of every
     -  Integration with all leading cost
         recovery systems
     -  Integration with Microsoft Access, Word
         and Excel
     -  Seamless integration with G/L, A/P,
         Case Management & Workflow
     -  Support that is the envy of the industry!

Time and Billing Software for Law Firms

Electronic Billing
With LSS, generating an electronic bill is as simple as printing a regular statement.  A couple clicks of the mouse is all it takes to create an electronic bill in just about any format.  There is no additional software to purchase, nothing to download, and nothing extra to install.  Everything is already included in the standard LSS Law Office Management System.  And if a client ever requires a format that isn't already part of the standard system, LSS will add it - free of charge.

Workflow Management
LSS takes Time and Billing one step further by automating entire firm processes with workflow management technology.  LSS Workflow Management automates client/matter intake and conflict checking in a way you’ve never seen before.  Because Workflow Management performs required functions based on paperless forms, nothing ever needs to be entered more than once.  Components of LSS Workflow Management include:

     -  Paperless Client/Matter Intake
     -  Paperless Check Requests
     -  Intelligent Conflict Checking
     -  Custom Routing
     -  Event Notification via E-mail

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for  information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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