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Time Entry Software for Law Firms

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LSS Time Entry software is efficient, reliable and easy to use.   With options that allow users to tailor the time entry process, LSS Time Entry software easily meets the needs of both attorneys and staff.

SEE A DEMO NOW:  Browse our demonstration library at and watch videos showcasing the time entry system in action.  Or, for a more in-depth analysis, contact LSS to schedule a live on-line meeting.

Fast, Flexible Lookup Features
Locating a client or matter couldn't be faster or easier.  Type part of the name to instantly display a list of matching cases.  LSS searches any part of the client name and/or matter description.  Results are immediate - even with hundreds of thousands of cases on file.

Recently Used Cases
Press a single button to instantly display a list of recently used cases.  Based on the user login for even faster access to the cases you work with most often.

Firm Defined Text Expansion Codes
Enter firm-defined abbreviations anywhere in the narrative and they automatically, and instantly, expand into larger blocks of text.  Define as many abbreviations as you need.  Each code can be up to four characters and/or numbers in length, and will expand into blocks of text containing up to 512 characters each. 
There is no need to press special buttons or function keys.  Just type naturally and the system transforms your text on-screen and in real-time. 

User Defined Text Expansion Codes
Just like the firm-defined expansion codes, but these codes are unique to each user.  These personal codes supplement the firm codes shared by everyone.

Task and Activity Codes
LSS Time Entry supports the use of task and activity codes for electronic billing and other task-based billing requirements.  Choose from firm-level codes available for any client or matter, or from client-level codes specific to certain cases.  These codes can optionally appear on printed statements, are included in all electronic billing formats, and can even be used for internal budgeting and management analysis reporting.

On-Screen Notifications
Users can add custom messages for individual clients and matters.  When someone enters a timesheet to a client or matter containing a notification request, the custom message will appear on their screen automatically.  LSS Time Entry also notifies users when time exceeds a predefined quoted value.

Custom Edits
LSS Time Entry includes the ability to require task and activity codes for just those clients that need them, to require that time be entered in a specific time increment value, or to note a special minimum time value for any client or matter.

Time Entry Software for Law Firms

Repeat Last Entry
Information from the previous time entry can quickly and easily be copied to the next entry.  Copy client number, matter number, hours, rates, activity and task codes, as well as narrative.

Spell Check
Quickly check the spelling of the narrative.  Includes suggested words list, a legal dictionary, and user-defined supplemental dictionaries.

Virtually Unlimited Narrative
Each time entry can contain more than fifty lines of narrative.  If that's not enough, LSS allows up to 99 continuation entries for additional narrative.  That provides more than 5,000 lines of narrative - per entry.

LSS Time Entry includes a timer that can be started and stopped as needed.  Actual hours and minutes are automatically converted into the time increments used by your firm.  For example, 30 minutes is automatically converted to 0.5 hours.  Multiple timers can be launched directly from the Front Office control panel.  When ready to create a time entry, one click of the mouse converts the timer into a new time entry.

Easy Access
LSS Time Entry can be launched from many convenient locations - Time Accounting, Front Office control panel, Timekeeper Management and Case Management. 

Remote Access
Enter time sheets from anywhere.  Use Terminal Services or Citrix to enter time via the Internet, or use the portable Remote Time Entry to enter time from off-site computers where Internet access is not available.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for  information about other LSS Financial and Case Management features.  more >>

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