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Timekeeper Management Software for Law Firms

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Timekeeper Management is an integral component of the LSS Law Office Management System.  From one central location, virtually anything related to a timekeeper, responsible attorney or contact attorney is available with just one or two clicks of the mouse.  And the information is always up-to-the-minute.

You decide who can view your information and who can't.  In addition to viewing timekeeper related information, users with proper security clearance can also add or update items such as time sheets, calendars, case notes, etc. - all from a single location.  Sophisticated and flexible security options allow firms to decide which level of access each user has.

Timekeeper Inquiry Features

     -  Calendar
     -  Case Notes
     -  Time Entry
     -  Documents
     -  Outlook E-mail
     -  Financial Information
     -  Productivity Analysis
     -  Budgets
     -  Rate Structures
     -  Management Reports
     -  and much more...


Timekeeper Management Software for Law Firms

More Information
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