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Trust Accounting Software for Law Firms

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LSS Trust Accounting software is an integral component of the LSS Law Office Management System - including Time and Billing, General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Workflow.  When a trust check is written in accounts payable, the transaction is automatically recorded in the billing system, the client's trust account, general ledger and check reconciliation.

LSS Trust Accounting Features:

     -  Integration with Accounts Payable for
         better efficiency
     -  Integration with Workflow for greater
     -  Integration with Case Management so
         you always have current information
     -  Integration with Time and Billing so
         trust activity appears on statements
     -  Multiple trust checking accounts
     -  Automatic reversal capability
     -  Full reporting in General Ledger and
         Time Accounting
     -  Check reconciliation

Paperless Invoice Management
In much the same way that you can attach files to an email, LSS allows you to attach files to any workflow check request or accounts payable trust transaction.  If you scan a vendor invoice or receipt to a file on your Windows desktop, you can attach that image directly to the check request or accounts payable entry.  Virtually any type of electronic file format is supported - PDF, Excel, Word and more.

Trust Accounting Software for Law Firms

Electronic Check Requests
LSS Workflow allows attorneys and staff to make on-line check requests from trust.  Check requests are electronically routed for approval, and then imported directly into accounts payable - without ever retyping any information.

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for  information about other LSS Financial Management features.  more >>

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