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LSS Workflow - Preemptive Conflict Searches

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Many automated conflict systems will search only those names currently established in your firm's billing and conflict database.  Preemptive conflict checking, a feature of LSS Workflow, goes one critical step further - exposing names found on pending intake forms that haven't yet been processed or accepted. 

The Problem
To better understand the importance of preemptive conflict checking, first consider the following example.

A potential client contacts an attorney at your firm.  The attorney gathers information, including names of relevant parties, and performs a preliminary conflict search.  No potential conflicts are found and the "new client" process is started. 

Shortly thereafter, another potential client (who just happens to be adverse to the potential client who called earlier) contacts a different attorney at your firm.  This attorney also gathers information and performs a conflict search.  As before, no potential conflicts are found, and the "new client" process is started for this party as well.

The problem is, both attorneys were searching a database that was not current.  When the second set of conflict searches was performed, the information from the first client had not yet been entered into the database.  The mistake will be discovered - maybe within hours, maybe within days.  It all depends on the processes and procedures of the firm.

Manual Solutions
There are manual processes that could help avoid the problem just described.  Unfortunately, they are labor intensive, prone to error, and not often utilized.

For example, after performing an initial conflict search, the attorney could then immediately enter those names into the database as "pending".  Then later, someone could go back and link those names to the actual client once it has been established.  It does solve the problem, but is not very efficient.

Automated Solutions
Preemptive Conflict Checking is a process that can search names that have already been established in your billing and conflict database, plus any "pending" names located on intake forms that have yet to be processed or accepted.

Rather than hand-writing information on preprinted client intake forms, you enter the same information on-line via electronic forms.  Within seconds of entering names on the form, LSS automatically adds them to the conflict database as "pending".  LSS Workflow then performs a thorough conflict search of both established and other pending names.

Finally, when the client is established (by importing the form into billing), the system will automatically update the "pending" names by linking them to the new client number.

Protection and Efficiency
LSS Workflow with Preemptive Conflict Checking will provide your firm with greater protection against missed conflicts.  And it helps you become more efficient and more productive at the same time. 

More Information
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