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LSS Workflow - Custom Routing

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Intake forms and check requests can be routed throughout the office based on your firm's own existing processes.  From the simple to the complex, LSS Workflow has the flexibility to meet the requirements of nearly any law firm.

Client Intake Routing
For small firms with simple processes, LSS Workflow can be configured to check conflicts then import right into accounting.  For larger firms with more complex processes, LSS Workflow can be configured to require a secondary conflict approval, a committee review approval, then after import to accounting, the form can be delivered to a separate records department for label printing.  There are literally dozens of ways to configure the routing of client intake forms.  And it takes just a few minutes to establish the routing definition that works for you.

Check Request Routing
Firms have widely differing policies when it comes to approving check requests.  Some firms require that all client expense requests be approved before processing.  Some firms require approval only when requests are initiated by certain timekeepers, or are over certain dollar amounts.  With LSS, you define your approval requirements by any combination of check amount, type of check, or classification of the individual making the request.  You can even specify who gets to approve different types of check requests. 

More Information
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