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LSS Workflow - Intelligent Conflict Searches

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Comprehensive conflict searches performed directly from the names entered on paperless client/matter intake forms.  Intelligent, because the system automatically broadens its searches to include similar and shortened variations of the literal names as they are entered on the form.  And nothing ever needs to be retyped. 

Automatic Conflict Checking
With paper-based systems, someone writes names on a form.  Then those names get typed and retyped in various locations as searches are performed and systems are updated.  With the paperless LSS Workflow system, client and conflict names are checked automatically.  Once the names have been entered on the form, they never need to be typed again.

Intelligent Searches
With typical conflict systems, a user performs a conflict search by typing a name, viewing the results, then typing another variation of the same name, and so on.  A complete and thorough conflict search could require typing several combinations of essentially the same information, over and over again.   With LSS Workflow, the name is entered just once on the intake form.  The software automatically performs literally dozens of different searches, and organizes the results in order of relevance, all from the information already on the intake form, and without any user intervention.

Paperless Conflict Reports
Conflict reports are generated electronically and attached to the client/matter intake form automatically.  The intake form is then routed to the appropriate users for approval.

Summary and Detail Reports
Two conflict reports for every name are electronically attached to the intake form.  The summary report shows you exactly how LSS Workflow searched the database.  It lists each search method used and the number of unique matches found.  The detail report shows all the relevant information about the matching name, including client number, attorney, type of conflict, description, etc.  These reports, along with the intake form, become part of the permanent electronic case file.

More Information
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